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Rules & Regulations


*Character building is the main aim of the education and the college emphasis on good character and       decent behavior from every student.

* The working day is divided into two sessions with five periods in total.

* The first bell is rung at 09.20 am and the students are expected to be ready for the prayer. The second bell is rung at 09.25 am for the commencement of prayer and the third bell is rung at the hour fixed for the beginning of the class.

* Students are expected to reach the college on time. Late comers will not get attendance for the period (A fine of Rs.10 will be levied)

* When the teacher does not arrive in the class, the monitor may inform the department of the fact.

* During the absence of the teacher as well as while moving from one class to another, care should be taken to observe silence.

* Students are forbidden to write or make any mark on the walls of the college building or furniture, throw paper, food or ink in the class room.

* All serious or willful damages to furniture will be required to paid for.

* Students should avoid using the corridors of college office or library for recreation. They should stand clear off stairways and door steps lest it should be inconvenient for anyone to go around the campus.

* After the commencement of the lecture no students is allowed to enter or to go out of the classrooms without the express permission of the teacher-in-charge.

* Irregular attendance, insubordination to teachers, habitual inattention to class work, obscenity in word or deed are sufficient reason for the permanent or temporary dismissal of a student.

* Students are strictly forbidden to engage in any political organizations and all their activities inside the campus are banned.

* All strikes and demonstrations are banned in the campus; Striking students are not allowed to enter the campus or class premises.

* No political assemblies shall be held in the campus, No students is allowed to take part in any meetings in the campus except those organized by the authorities for official purposes.

* Boards, flags, banners or any other articles meant for political activity cannot be brought to the campus or be kept in the campus. Such articles, if any, will be removed from the campus.

* Students going to other colleges and institutions and indulging in acts of indiscipline such as organizing demonstrations and strikes would be liable for punishment.

* Nothing is more appreciated in a student than courteous and mannerly behavior. show due respect to your teachers and other staff of the college .Do not tuck up your dhoti when you are in the campus.

* All students are expected to be properly and neatly dressed with prescribed college uniform on all working days. Those who intentionally violate this rule shall not be permitted to attend the classes and will have to leave the campus. A fine of Rs.20 will be levied from students in this regard.

* Smoking and the use of alcoholic drinks and narcotics are strictly prohibited  in the campus. The use of all varieties of Pan parag(Pan masala) is strictly prohibited. Such cases would be immediately reported to the police authorities.

* Students are not permitted to use mobile phones inside the campus as per the govt order issued in this regard a fine of Rs.100/- will be charged for those students who violate the rule. The use of all kind of cameras, including mobile phone cameras, is strictly prohibited in the campus. Mobile phones are to be switched off, when in the campus.

* Ragging of students is strictly prohibited as per govt orders and judgments of courts of law in this regard. As and when written complaints of ragging are raised, the matter will be handed over to the police authorities.

* I D card for the staff members and students is a must in the college campus.

* Permission from Department head is to be obtained by the student while leaving the college campus before the end of the classes.

* The class tests, model examinations or internal examinations are to be attend by all the students with sufficient preparation. Re-test will not be conducted normally.

* Under any circumstances, no students or staff or outsiders are permitted to meet a faculty member while he/she is on invigilation work.

* Students are expected to see the college Notice Board every day. Any negligence to read the notices and the loss there after will not be the responsibility of the college.

* No students should take the law into his/her own hand, whatever the circumstances may be use of violence by a student on any other person will be viewed seriously and dealt with severly. Students shall make representation for any difficulty or grievance directly to the principal. The decision of the principal/the authority in these matters shall be final.

* The principal/the authority reserve the right to remove from the rolls the name of any student who fails to pay the college dues on time.

* Non-observance and violation of the disciplinary guidelines stated here will lead to disciplinary guidelines stated here will lead to disciplinary action.

* The college reserves the right to delete, to add or amend the rules and regulations given above as and when deems necessary.


* Fees will be collected twice a year:-

·        during the month of June

·        during the month of November

*Students are expected to pay the fees within seven working days of the prescribed months.

* If any student fails to pay the fee (including the special fee)he/she shall be liable to pay a fine of Rs.100 along with the fees on or before the 10 th day after due date.

* If the fees with a fine of Rs.100/-is not paid on or before the last date fixed, the name of the students will be removed from the rolls of the institution. The student will not get the benefit of attendance from the date of removal of the name from the rolls. If the student desire to be re admitted, he/she will apply for the special permission and remit all the arrears of fees including fine. A re admission fee of Rs 250/- will also be realized in such case. The readmission student will get the benefit of attendance from the date of readmission only.

* The name of defaulters of an installment will be published in the notice board immediately after expiry of the last opportunity fixed for payment of that installment.

* The Principal/authority is competent to change the due dates for collection of fees.

Updated on: 18 Apr 2017
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