B.Sc Chemistry:

B Sc (Chemistry)

Science education is central to the development of any society. This can be achieved only by revamping the undergraduate program to make it effective and meaningful. The development of scientific temper in society necessitates proper education and guidance. In order to achieve this, one must update the developments in the field of science. Effective science education can be imparted at the undergraduate level only by revamping the present curriculum. To achieve this goal, the curriculum should be restructured by emphasizing various aspects such as the creativity of students, knowledge of current developments in the discipline, awareness of environmental impacts due to the development of science and technology, and the skills essential for handling equipment and instruments in laboratories and industries.

Chemistry, being an experimental science, demands testing theories through practical laboratory experiences for a thorough understanding of the subject. Nowadays, chemistry laboratories in academic institutions use large amounts of chemicals. The awareness and implementation of eco-friendly experiments become a global necessity. It is essential to ensure that laboratory chemicals are used at a minimal level without affecting the skill and understanding aimed through laboratory sessions. This creates an environmental awareness among the students and a pollution-free atmosphere on the campus.

This curriculum has been prepared with the objective of giving sound knowledge and understanding of chemistry to undergraduate students. The goal of the syllabus is to make the study of chemistry stimulating, relevant and interesting. It has been prepared with a view to equipping students with the potential to contribute to academic and industrial environments. This curriculum will expose students to various fields in chemistry and develop interest in related disciplines. Chemistry, being a border science to biology, physics, and engineering, has a key role to play in the understanding of these disciplines. The updated syllabus is based on an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the application of the subject in daily life.

After completion of Bachelor of Science in Chemistry degree course, the students enable,

To understand basic facts and concepts in chemistry.

  • To apply the principles of chemistry.
  • To appreciate the achievements in chemistry and to know the role of chemistry in nature and in society.
  • To familiarize with the emerging areas of chemistry and their applications in various spheres of chemical sciences and to apprise the students of its relevance in future studies.
  • To develop skills in the proper handling of instruments and chemicals.
  • To familiarize with the different processes used in industries and their applications.
  • To develop an eco-friendly attitude by creating a sense of environmental awareness.
  • To be conversant with the applications of chemistry in day-to-day life.